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Why Choose Us?
We have established a system to cover all businesses related to repairs.

Easy to use, flexibility, special features and great speed are the features of Zimend Repair System.
In addition, you can enjoy all the features of the system for one month for free.

Powerful Dashboard
In Dashboard you can see the profit chart daily, weekly or monthly. You can also see the pie chart of the number of accepted devices and the repair status of the devices.
Customers Management
In the Customers section, you can register the customer list and their details such as name, phone number, email, etc.

You can also view and manage the full flow of customer accounts.

You can also view and manage the full flow of customer accounts.The other feature is the ability to import a large amount of customer information from the Excel file.

Repair Operations
In Repair section, accept the devices and specify the new repair operation and related costs at each stage.
You can also import repair receipts in bulk from an Excel file and perform repair operations in groups.
Warranty Codes
In the warranty section, you can define the warranty codes.

It is possible to register warranty codes in bulk by defining the numbering pattern.

Possibility of issuing sales invoice, transfer of goods, return of goods
View inventory during registration, calculate taxes and insert a discount, and finally quickly print the invoice and the possibility of sending an email to the customer
Products & Services
In this section you can define the specifications of warehouses, grouping, goods and services.

It is possible to observe the turnover of goods and calculate the inventory of a number of goods separately from the warehouse.

Income & Expense
You can manage revenue and expenses.
This information will be effective in calculating the profit and loss of your business.
In the tasks section, you can specify a new task for each user and specify the start and end time and the status of doing it with a list of details.

Assigned tasks will be displayed as a notification to the user.

In the goods and services report section, you can see the inventory of a number, cardex reports and services performed.
In the repair report, you will see the technician performance report and warranty.
In the Customers section, view the customer account turnover, sales or profit and loss report.
Report Designer
It is possible to design printed reports in a completely customized way.

It is also possible to change the company logo and stamp.

We Design For Preferred Futures
System features are developed based on user needs
  • We immerse ourselves in the analytics of your business, in order to study all the subtleties and determine target
  • We know how to create complex and intuitive interface systems that are enjoyable to use.
  • Our developer team easily subdue developments of any complexity. We dominate all the cycle of development.
Best Features

We help you manage your business seamlessly and intelligently.
Internal processes are fully automated and user errors will be minimized.


Connect to the system from anywhere and view and manage processes.
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Your business information is safely stored on Zimend servers and is constantly backed up.
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The system is designed to be compatible with most repair businesses.
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Executive Team
Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style providing a full-service solution to our clients.
Use the trial version with all the features of a month for free!
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